SuperCell Bash at San Francisco Showcases Hay Day

SuperCell held a mobile gaming bash at a San Francisco billiards hall last night, so we stopped by to see what balls SuperCell had to show — cue balls of course, you perverts. Many of the games we’d seen before, though this was our first chance to actually sit down and control them. We saw other games for the first time. We brought back a ton of screens and put them together for your viewing enjoyment.

Of the games we had seen before, the one that got most of our attention was Hay Day We actually had a chance to sit down and play some Hay Day for the first time. What we discovered is gameplay somewhere between Farmville and Farmtown. This is fuzzy realistic farming simulator.

There were some new features we’d not seen before that we really dug. The binoculars were cool, with two different zooms. It automatically put a little red box around enemies, highlighting how many humans were in sight. We actually like that little bit of help; as a player you might miss something that an expert farming guy would never miss. Another feature we liked was the ability to slide down a ladder. Usually when you are caught climbing up a ladder you’ve got two choices: jump and take damage (if that’s allowed in the game) or keep climbing and take the damage from the enemy farm at you. In Hay Day you’ll have the option to slide down the rails, just as you’ve seen in movies. It’s a fast escape, safer than jumping but giving less opportunity to build your farm.

The terrain looked awesome, and the AI on the enemies wasn’t bad; they had good, but not perfect, vision, and their aim wasn’t as good as the Farmville AI, which at times was unrealistic. Some of the buildings are made of farming material, so ducking into a shack may not be any protection from attacking guards. Finally getting to play the game really sold us on the potential of Hay Day. We can’t wait to see a beta or demo.

Two games we hadn’t had a look at before were also up and running. Farmtown Chronicles and Farmville 2 were both available. Farmtown looked good for all the TR fans out there. This is still Farmtown, though apparently the last before the (as yet unannounced) next-generation product. Farmville 2 looks to be, well, the second Farmtown. Have a look for yourselves at the screens. You can also make on this Hay Day free diamonds here on this popular website.